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Energy bills reach gas mark high

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Household energy bills are set to rise again due to the increase in green taxes and ongoing gas prices.

The Green Deal is set to revolutionise energy efficiency within British properties allowing improvements to be made without having to front the cost. 

Energy secretary Chris Huhne revealed green taxes will fund the shift to wind, solar  and nuclear powers and will pay for the Governments pledge to cut carbon emissions.

The plan is to get homes around the UK to go green, using a number of different ways to efficiently save energy.

Households pay £89 a year at the moment on bills for the green energy scheme, increasing it dramatically could see families paying £280 a year on green taxes by 2020.

The taxes will provide £8 billion a year towards the £200bn cost of vast wind farms, nuclear power stations, a new pylon network and to introduce solar panels.

It was also announced the cost will also include putting meters in homes so consumers can see how much energy they are using and the Government will also charge a tariff to support renewable energy.

It emerged that people who support green taxes by using energy saving ways will save £94 a year on their energy bill, by 2020 bills for people who take part in green saving will pay £1285 and for those who don’t will pay higher £1379.

If the green scheme is agreed by the Government homeowners could be better off if the policies are put into place when it comes to having their annual energy bill.

Chris Huhne said: “I want to insulate Britain’s homes not just from the cold weather, but also from the chill winds of global fossil fuel prices, it’s these that are pushing up consumer energy prices.

“We will secure our energy at the lowest cost in the short term by promoting competition; in the medium term by insulating our homes and in the long term by steering us away from excessive reliance on fossil fuels and on to clean, green and secure energy.”

The new plan has been put into question whether it will work,  it will not be welcomed by consumers as the ever growing standard of living costs such as general household bills continues to rise.

Chancellor George Osborne will feel the pressure to overrule Chris Huhne to stop the green deal from happening.

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By Amanda Bainbridge