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Parking meters destroyed

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Pay stations around Lewes in East Sussex have been blown up by angered motorists.

Since mid September 14 pay stations that provide tickets for parking have been destroyed or vandalised causing £20,000 worth of damage.  

The Local Council first introduced the parking meters following complaints of congestion because of the narrow streets around Sussex. 

They were first installed in 2004 but following this 200 meters were blown up in a bid to get rid of the machines.

The first incidents happened between 2004 and 2006 causing £300,000 of damage. In recent months the situation seems to be getting worse with one machine situated along a high street being completely destroyed, others are set to be repaired or are fixed already.

Pay meters have never been a hit with drivers although the new events that seem to be occurring are a step too far with the culprits facing jail time if they are caught.

Safety of the public has also been raised by local police, Chief Inspector Natalie Moloney, Lewes district policing commander, said: "I can't believe anyone would be so reckless as to carry out such potentially dangerous acts.

"This is a serious spree of costly vandalism and we are determined to find out who is responsible. Someone knows who is doing this and it is important that they help us put a stop to it now before someone gets seriously injured."

It is alleged the meters are being blown up by a fireworks being put in the change tray.

The police have never found out who committed the crimes during 2004 to 2006 due to the fact every time it happens it seems to be around bonfire night when fireworks and other items are available to the general public.

The acts that have been carried out are not intended to get the money out of the meters as the police revealed no money has ever been taken from the machines, it seems to be a angry attack against parking meters.

East Sussex Council has insisted they will not be getting rid of the machines following recent events and has announced a reward of £1,250 will be available for any information from locals who may have leads to the culprits finally being caught.

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By Amanda Bainbridge