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Cyclists urged to have insurance

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The Association of British Insurers have urged cyclists to get insurance or face high bills.

If cyclists are hurt in an accident or are responsible for causing one they may be stuck with high bills equalling thousands of pounds from being sued by motorists that aren’t at fault.

The UK public are using bikes to get around because of the ever growing price of owning and running a car.

There are 20% more cyclists using this type of transport compared to the late 1990’s which proves people are starting to cycle to places more.  

The Department of Transport figures have shown accidents involving a cyclist have risen by 12% compared to last year.

The insurance would protect cyclists if they were injured in an accident which results in them taking time off work along with other benefits.

Malcolm Tarling spokesperson for The Association of British Insurers told the BBC: “If you are a cyclist and you are involved in an accident the chance of you being injured are quite high.

“Some 230 cyclists a month are killed or seriously injured on the roads so there is a good chance you are going to be off work for weeks, if not months, so some sort of insurance to cover you for loss of income makes sense.”

At the moment it is not compulsory for cyclists to have insurance and many have taken to the roads without thinking about it, but with the increase in accidents there is a strong case for them to have it.

Cyclists are more vulnerable on the roads especially with dark nights now upon us where there is need to be extra careful while on the roads.

Each year more cyclists are involved in an accident on British roads with rural roads proving the most dangerous places to ride.

Although these are still high figures cycling casualties have dropped over the years by 30% on UK roads as judged against the Department of Transports own figures from 1994-1998.

The London Cycling Campaign have backed the idea of making insurance compulsory for cyclists saying  it would be a great benefit for them to have.

It is not yet known if the plan of compulsory insurance will go ahead but it stands a good case which would protect cyclists against accidents.  

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By Amanda Bainbridge