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Pet insurance fraud increases

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Pet Insurance fraud has increased significantly over recent years, with more people making false claims against their pets.

There have been a number of cases where people are inventing claims to treat their pets which then gives a substantial pay out.

According to the Association of British Insurers pet insurance fraud is becoming the fastest growing area of insurance crime around the UK.

Last year pet insurance fraudulent claims increased by 400% with £2 million pounds worth of false claims being detected.

In one case a person managed to claim £37,000 pounds to treat their pet but it soon came to light the owner has no pets at all, everything was completely made up.

The person in question made everything up from what type of dog they had to their vets bills which would need to be given to their insurer.

The outcome for fraud cases such as the above could mean a lengthy time in prison if offenders are caught and convicted.

When it comes to catching the fraudsters it is difficult, unlike motor insurance where records are kept with the DVLA, there is no record which lists every pet that people own.

Other areas of insurance fraud are harder to do which is why people are turning their attention to their pets thinking it is easy money but mostly results in the fraudsters spending time in prison.

Reports have shown the lengths that people will go to for a pay out from selling their pets to even abandoning them.

To catch the people making fraudulent claims the insurance industry have been looking at way s to identify fraudsters.

A database is one option that has been discussed which would include everyone who has ever made a claim on a pet policy.

The system would alert insurers of unusual activity and possible fraud.

Even though the claims are dishonest and cruel pet insurance fraud is set to increase more with the UK feeling the pinch from costs of living even if it does mean prison time.

More than £2 million UK cat and dog owners pay for their pet insurance; the idea of the insurance is if a pet should need veterinary treatment, a certain amount of the costs would be covered by the policy.

The cost of insuring a dog is around £220 a year which is up by 30% compared to 2007, which shows more people are taking out insurance for their pets.

If the new idea of a database is introduced it will hopefully put a stop or at least bring pet insurance fraud down.  

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By Amanda Bainbridge