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Travellers 'shun vaccinations'

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A new poll has revealed that a considerable proportion of travellers who go on holidays to other countries do not take the recommended vaccinations.

According to the poll of 1800 people carried out by travel agency, 43% have not taken the necessary injections before departing on a foreign trip.

As many as 36% of these people said a fear of needles was the main reason behind their decision, despite visiting places where vaccinations are recommended.

Some 29% said the vaccination was too expensive.

Nearly one in five, (19%) claimed that vaccination was not necessary and about one in 10 (11%) said that they had simply forgotten to take one.

Along with vaccinations, another thing travellers must not forget to do is to take out a travel insurance policy before they jet off to their holiday destinations.

Chris Brown, co-founder of, said: "I think holidaymakers would be surprised at the list of destinations that you are recommended to get vaccinations for when visiting, but I think one of the reasons some choose to ignore this is that they aren't vital."

He added: "The fact that people didn't have their recommended injections due to fear of needles or lack of funds was a real shock."

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