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Abta publishes ski holiday advice

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Abta has created an eight-point winter sports checklist comprising of health and safety tips as part of its Get Fit for Ski campaign.

The checklist, which was prepared with the help of Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Ski Club Great Britain, is aimed at making skiers aware of the precautions that are to be taken before hitting the slopes this winter.

With over a million people expected to take winter sports holidays this season, Abta is advising skiers about warm-up exercises as part of its latest campaign.

According to Abta, only 41% of people ensure that their travel insurance protects them in case of accidents occurring during activities, such as skiing, paragliding or water sports.

Among holidaymakers aged 15 to 24, nearly a third (34%) check their travel insurance policies before indulging in these activities.

Holidaymakers who are injured while indulging in skiing or water sports could face huge medical bills if they do not have adequate cover.

In the US, a fractured leg could land you with a medical bill of up to £40,000, while a knee injury could cost £8,000 to treat in Austria.

Lynda St Cooke, a spokeswoman for FCO, said: "We strongly advise anyone hitting the slopes this winter to take out comprehensive travel insurance and make sure you have an up to date EHIC card."

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