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Severe water shortages

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Britain is known for its rainy months throughout the year however this might be coming to an end as a report by the Met Office has revealed.

This week the Met Office released their Climate, Observations, Projections and Impacts report which has laid out its predictions for Britain’s weather in the year 2100, which showed we are set to see water shortages, flooding and hot temperatures.

The findings showed that a quarter of the population could see an increase in water stress, which means there won’t be enough water for daily tasks such as cooking and washing.

Based on the population rising to 75 million water stress could affect 18 million people with the worst-affected area being the South East which already saw low rainfall this summer.

Kent and East Sussex will also see a big difference along with the Midlands from Lincolnshire to Shropshire who are in high risk of water shortages.

By 2100 the temperatures are predicted to rise by 3°C in the South of the UK and 2.5°C in the North which doesn’t mean mild winters but an increase of warm days.

The results from the report mean that in the next 10 years we should see 35 warmer days per year compared to 50 years ago.

The report was based on 21 different climate models with some predictions looking more likely compared to others.

Chris Huhne Secretary of State for Energy said: “This report highlights some of the very real dangers we face if we don’t limit emissions to combat the rise in global temperature.

“Life for millions of people could change forever, with water and food supplies being placed in jeopardy and homes and livelihoods under threat. This makes the challenge of reducing emissions ever more urgent.

“The UK wants a legally binding global agreement to keep the global temperature rise below 2°C.”

River flooding was also highlighted with a high number of people at risk of flooding in Britain which could drop or increase dramatically if people don’t start to make changes to prevent global warming.

Even though the predictions are for the future it gives an idea of how precautions can be made to minimise the shortage of water.

In November we highlighted the risk of water restrictions in our article Water restrictions in the UK that pointed out what homeowners may need to do to save water.

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By Amanda Bainbridge