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UK loses hours sitting in traffic jams

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The UK’s population spend hours sitting in traffic jams costing the economy £752 million a year it has been revealed.

According to a latest survey over 123 million working hours are lost annually because of workers sitting in heavy traffic during their daily commute.

Problems can suddenly occur during a journey such as accidents or a high volume of traffic on the main roads which adds to congestion that is not normally there.

From day to day traffic jams can be unpredictable so for drivers who need to do daily drop offs before they go to work, planning the journey or leaving earlier is essential.  

Depending how far motorists have to travel for work even if they work locally leaving at least an hour early will get them to work just in time and many drivers will stay late through their shift in order to miss the evening rush hour.  

Other commitments also come into it with daily routines such as the school run before work adding extra time on during the busy rush hour.

At times many drivers can be up to 40 minutes late for work due to congestion making it frustrating to have to adapt their working hours to avoid jams.

Being late can also add stress on to a motorist’s journey, but traffic is a problem that can’t be fixed which ever route that is taken somewhere will have traffic.

Main roads are the biggest culprit with everyone heading the same way to a City Centre it resulting in a lengthy wait.

Traffic lights, roundabouts and junctions can also cause congestion as it slowly builds up when everyone is going to work.

Some people can see a difference in leaving an extra five minutes before their journey to beat the queues of cars that appear daily.

A big change in traffic is noticed when children are off school during the six week summer holidays or Christmas holidays, many motorists find it easy to get to work with some leaving later than usual.

Using other alternatives to get to work isn’t easy with buses adding extra time on to journeys with stopping at a number of bus stops as well as dealing with congested roads.

Motorists won’t see a change in traffic congestion anytime soon which means more hours and money will continue to be lost.

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By Amanda Bainbridge