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Motorway driving plan for learners

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The UK Government has announced plans for motorway driving lessons for learner drivers from 2012, with the aim of reducing the number of inexperienced motorists involved in accidents on Britain's roads.

The change, designed to help novice motorists get more accustomed to driving on a motorway where vehicles travel at 70 mph or more, could help reduce the number of car insurance claims among young drivers.

Announcing the move, road safety minister Mike Penning said a qualified driving instructor can give motorway training to learner drivers.

However, Mr Penning added that the change will not be introduced as a compulsory part of driving lessons as young motorists living in rural areas may find it difficult to travel to their nearest motorway.

Speaking to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Mr Penning cited his daughter as an example of novice motorists who would have been able to drive on a motorway immediately after passing their tests.

He said: "Are we teaching young drivers to pass a test or are we giving them the skills to enjoy life on the road."

Under other road safety changes proposed by Mr Penning, trainee driving instructors will not be allowed to give lessons without the supervision of a colleague who is fully qualified.

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