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Homeowners warned to take precautions

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Homeowners have been urged to take basic precautions to protect themselves and their property before high winds hits the UK this week.

Half of the UK is expected to have gusts of over 45mph in the next few days after the Met Office have warned damage could be made.

Stormy weather such as high winds, flood, ice and rain are all types of weather that could cause potential damage to homes which results in people claiming on their home insurance

The most common types of storm claims are roof tiles blown off breaking of glass, damage to chimneys, trees falling down and TV/radio aerials damaged.

Precautions can be taken to prevent any situations from happening such as parking the car on driveway or in a garage away from trees, secure loose garden furniture and secure all doors and windows.

However fences and gates that have been damaged are classed as wear and tear and are excluded from claiming on a home insurance policy.

The total damage to homes costs on average around £600 million pounds per year from insured and uninsured homes with storm damage alone costing a minimum of £600 pounds per claim.

There has been a 200% rise in the past three years from people claiming on their home insurance as a result of winter weather.

Throughout the year regular checks can be made to ensure houses are ready for winter which can help to prevent any incidents that may happen.

Last year three million people in the UK suffered damage to their homes because of the severe weather that we had last winter.

From October 2010 until February 2011 the worst damaged area in Yorkshire saw 14% of homes damaged.

With the coldest months on record in years many homes suffered with over 35% of damaged to their roof.

Taking precautions before the weather causes damage to homes will help homeowners in the long run and making sure they have the adequate home insurance is also vital.

A few weeks ago we wrote a guide on how to prepare your home for winter which gives hints and tips on preparing for severe weather.

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By Amanda Bainbridge