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Man escapes as tree falls on house

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The former ambassador to Venezuela and Chile has been admitted to a hospital with a badly hurt ear after a part of a 60-foot tree crashed into his house during stormy weather here in the UK.

Richard Wilkinson was sleeping in his bedroom when the beech tree snapped in half and smashed the roof of his house in Winchester, Hampshire at 4am.

The 65-year-old escaped serious injury and was able to call the emergency services. He was taken to Salisbury Hospital where he was told he will need surgery on his ear.

Fortunately his wife Angela was away for the night, as the tree fell on to the side of the bed where she sleeps.

Incidents like these highlight the need for owners to ensure that they have home insurance cover.

Mr Wilkinson's Daughter Eleanor was asleep elsewhere in the house when the tree crashed down. She said: "I heard a resounding crash and ran over to my dad's room and he could not get out of the door."

She added: "He was quite dazed and the electricity was off and he said one of the trees had fallen down. He was quite calm really and he called the emergency services, who came and managed to lift him out of the bedroom."

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