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New transport schemes for England

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The Government have announced there will be funding in place for 21 new transport schemes across England.

The schemes will have funding of £854 million pounds in addition to the £574 million that was announced a few weeks ago in the Autumn Statement.

All of the projects have been through assessment processes to ensure they will benefit communities and be value for money for members of the public.

Funding of £82.6 million will mostly be provided for a river wear bridge in Sunderland and £76.2m for an extension of the tube line to Watford.

Other areas which will be developed and have been approved for the Department for Transport funding include improvements to buses in Bristol, enhancements to the Nottingham ring road, Loughborough town centre transport scheme providing structures to the inner relief road and Worcester transport strategy developing link stations.

However Department for Transport will be contributing £586 million pounds with many of the projects still needing extra money from local councils to help with development.

The schemes are hoped to bring better transport and access for commuters and to ease congestion levels across the UK.

Transport secretary Justine Greening said: "Following the 2010 Spending Review, the Government committed to a £1.5 billion programme of investment in major transport schemes promoted by local authorities, recognising the impact that such schemes can have on growth and the economy.

“Our aim was to ensure that the programme of investment for the spending review period would be affordable, would promote growth and would achieve better value for money for the taxpayer.

“Along with the schemes announced last month we’ve supported investment of over £1.4bn that will strengthen local economies and improve local transport links for communities across the country.

“We are investing in schemes that will provide better access to jobs and services, reduce congestion and enable more goods to move more easily around our country.”

Potential projects that have been put forward and currently are waiting for the go ahead from Parliament which is when plans can be started if approved.  

If local authorities agree to donate funding to the projects that have been announced the UK could see a benefit in transport being more reliable and more accessible.  

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By Amanda Bainbridge