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Young motorists risk drink driving

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A new survey by road safety charity Brake has found that 29% of drivers in the 17-24 age group are willing to take the gamble of getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

This compares with the 2007 figure of 44%. More than half (53%) of those questioned as part of the poll are happy to put their own as well as other road users' lives at risk by getting behind the wheel the morning after a heavy drinking session, up from 45% four years ago.

Driving can be affected by even a single unit of alcohol, according to 62% of respondents. However, over a tenth (12%) claim that they are capable of driving safely even after drinking three or more units of alcohol.

Julie Townsend, campaigns director at Brake, said: "Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate.

"But for some of the families Brake supports, it's a sad time when they remember loved ones who have been killed in crashes caused by drink-drivers - in many cases young, inexperienced drivers who didn't think through the consequences."

Drink driving convictions may prevent motorists from getting good car insurance cover for their vehicles.

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