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Drivers 'get very angry' in traffic

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A new study has revealed that motorists get extremely annoyed behind the wheel when stuck in bad traffic.

The poll conducted by social driving app Waze, questioned 1,000 people and found almost half (42%) of respondents have ended up in an argument as a result of traffic-related frustrations.

Other things drivers do when held up in heavy traffic include having a shave or putting on make-up, with 22% of drivers confessing this is something they have done.

According to the latest survey, around 10% utilise the time to prepare for business meetings, presentations and interviews.

Meanwhile, 9% say they have taken the opportunity to change their outfit while stuck in a jam, and 11% say they spend their time flirting with other drivers.

In frustrating situations like traffic jams, motorists should make sure they avoid any risky manoeuvres, as it can later cost them in larger car insurance premiums.