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Common Christmas mishaps

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The festive season is now underway with many households stocking up on gifts, seeing friends and going to Christmas parties, however people can get caught up in festivities and forget to take precautions. 

Commons problems that can occur around Christmas time can be due to bad weather, theft or accidents around the household.

The Association of British Insurers have warned people to be extra careful to avoid any mishaps that may ruin Christmas.

Candles are popular around Christmas and can be left on by accident potentially causing a house fire resulting in insurance claims and financial loss.  

Preventing a problem like this can be taken care of quickly ensuring smoke alarms are fitted, batteries have been tested and also checking candles are out before people go out.

A lot of cooking takes place around Christmas time and this to could be a cause of a fire if proper precautions are not taken such as keeping an eye on what you’re cooking and watching the heat you use.

Protecting your possessions is also a good idea as burglary rates are increasing around this time of year with thieves targeting homes over the Christmas period and presents being stolen.

With the average family spending £400 on Christmas presents precautions can be taken by people to prevent a burglary from happening. 

An example of this would be not drawing attention to expensive presents by leaving packaging visible for the rubbish collection, ensure all doors and windows are securely locked and if the property is unoccupied over the Christmas period as an additional precaution ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour.

Having the correct home insurance will give homeowners peace of mind that their contents are covered if they need to claim.  

Nick Starling, Director of General Insurance at the ABI said: “Every year insurers deal with claims that put a real dampener on people’s festive spirits.

“To make sure the Christmas period is a happy one; don’t forget the common sense precautions that will help protect your home and possessions.”

Drink driving is also a common occurrence with office parties and family get togethers on most people’s agendas.

A drink driving campaign fronted by THINK! Drive safety campaign is urging drivers to find alternative ways home instead of driving and over 8,000 pubs are offering a buy one get one free on soft drinks for designated drivers.

Taking these necessary precautions can not only protect your home but also prevent people from having an accident if they drink and drive during the festive weekend.  

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By Amanda Bainbridge