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Drivers warned over de-icing cars

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Police have warned drivers against leaving their vehicles unattended while they de-ice, as they are vulnerable to car thieves.

Leicestershire Police has said that drivers who are found to have left their cars alone with its engine running could be fined £30.

The offence has been called "quitting" by police and drivers who commit such an act will be prosecuted under the Road Traffic Act.

As well as risking a possible fine, it could also have a detrimental effect on drivers' next car insurance premium.

Inspector Gill Lewis, Head of the Roads Policing Unit at Leicestershire Police, said: "With automotive security getting better all time, it's becoming very difficult to steal a vehicle without having the keys. Thieves are wise to this and target people who leave their cars running with keys in the ignition."

He added: "You wouldn't leave £30,000 in the road for someone to steal. Yet it's surprising how many people will leave their cars defrosting unattended at the side of the road."

"If you are defrosting your car, make sure it is not left unattended."

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