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Do you have bad driving habits?

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It has recently been revealed that drivers think their family members and friends have bad driving habits compared to them.

Some of the habits considered bad on the survey that are picked up by motorists over time are; tailgating, undertaking other drivers, using a mobile phone, eating whilst driving, applying make-up and not using indicators when needed.

The research which was conducted by the AA which revealed that 51% of drivers have a family member who they think drives too fast and 26% said work colleagues also do this.

The alarming results also showed that 35% of people had a family member who drives whilst using a mobile phone, eating or doing their make-up.

Edmund King, AA President expressed his views on what the research had found, he said: “A worrying number of us think our friends, families and colleagues have illegal and dangerous driving habits.

“Young people are particularly likely to have noticed dangerous driving habits amongst their friends.

“There is no way someone would pass their driving test if they displayed these types of behaviour, so there is no place for it on our roads.”

When it comes to younger drivers aged 18- 24 they were found to be more critical of how their friends drive, 74% said their friends drive too fast, 70% said they have friends who ‘tailgate’ and 79% do their make-up and eat whilst driving.

Compared to the other findings, it shows younger people are more likely to drive fast and do things that could potentially cause an accident.

Drivers who were then questioned about their own ability when driving were confident of their abilities with 90% saying they were confident saying they were quite or very good at keeping a safe distance and 70% said they were very good at keeping to a speed limit.

If drivers are caught doing any of the mentioned bad habits that they have picked up police can pull the car over and fines can be given on the spot and possible penalty points on the drivers licence causing their car insurance premium to be significantly higher.

With many drivers thinking their family and friends have bad driving habits now is the time for people to let them know so their ways can be changed and potentially reduce the risks of accidents and potential fines.

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By Amanda Bainbridge