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World’s most expensive quad bike up for sale

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The world’s most expensive quad bike has been put up for sale on a luxury website which advertises all things luxury from home rentals to the most expensive and technological vehicles. 

The unique design of the bike is by French tuner Lazareth Wazuma who has redesigned and manufactured the prototype on his own; it features the bike in a bright red colour, an engine by Ferrari and handle bars designed by BMW.

A state of the art engine and gearbox has been included in the design that has been developed over a number of months to get everything just right from the colour of it to the engine.  

With its different features and powerful speed this bike is the most desired quad bike to have for all enthusiasts.

It sounds impressive and comes with a hefty price tag of £170,000, however the quad bike can’t even be driven on normal roads because of its engine.

Manufacturers have said that the Wazuma V8F is so powerful it can only be used as a track-only vehicle for safety.

The whole kit of the bike is impressive and the Ferrari engine has a top speed of over 150mph, 18 inch wheels 285-30ZR18 for the front and 315-30ZR for the rear, the bike weighs in at 650kg, it has four horizontal shock absorbers made to measure and a six speed gearbox made by BMW.

Lazareth has described the quad as a typical three wheel vehicle because of the two rear wheels linked together, a high performer and simple.

Many are saying the bike is masterpiece of hard working engineering that has gone into making this unique bike.

In the past there has been no bike quite like the Wazuma V8F, Lazareth have defiantly designed and developed the bike at the highest standard.

It will be a dream bike for anyone who collects super bikes that have been modified and fitted with the latest technologies there is.

So if you have a spare £170,000 lying around and a track that can stand the powerful bike you could treat yourself and be the owner of a state of the art luxury quad bike.

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By Amanda Bainbridge