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Insurance claims rise from aftermath of UK storms

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Most of the UK this week have been faced with gale force winds and storms causing damage to homes and vehicles.

Bad weather hit parts of the UK on the first day back to work for some people after the Christmas break resulting in delays on public transport and roads.

Stormy weather such as high winds, ice and rain are all types of weather that can cause potential damage to homes. That has resulted in people claiming on their home insurance

The cost of people claiming is estimated to run into tens of millions of pounds to get people back on track before more bad weather arrives.

Flooding has been a major issue in some areas with river banks not being able to take the amount of rainfall that has appeared.

The biggest impact from the storms and high winds were trees falling into roads, roof tiles blown off, broken windows and flying debris damaging personal possessions.

It has been reported that there has been a dramatic increase of calls from people who want to claim from their insurance policies for damage to their property or vehicle.

At the beginning of the week people were urged to secure all unstable items that could end up being damaged in high winds such as garden furniture.

It was also advised not to park vehicles near trees or anything that could cause problems resulting in them claiming on their car insurance.

Scotland is known for bad weather conditions and has been the worst hit area with insurance companies having to draft in extra staff to accommodate the amount of calls that have been received.

Many parts of Scotland spent their third night with no electricity due to energy companies not being able to fix problems because of high winds damaging power lines.

The UK generally doesn’t suffer from severe weather compared to other countries but last winter three million people in the UK suffered due to the severe weather with icy and snowy conditions sweeping the country which again resulted in insurance claims increasing.

For now the bad weather seems to have settled but as a result it has unfortunately increased some motorists and homeowners insurance premiums because they have had to claim on their polices.  

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By Amanda Bainbridge