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Prospect of double-decker trains to be introduced as part of the high speed rail link

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The prospect of double-decker train carriages on British Railways has been raised by the Government as part of the HS2 network scheme.

The HS2 is a high speed rail link that offers ‘a new era of inter-urban travel in Britain’, it was first established in 2009 bringing a new dimension to travelling, the Government has asked for further work on the plan to include different cities in the UK which could see Leeds and Manchester being included as well as stops in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire.

A decision on the HS2 proposal is expected tomorrow to see if the Government have agreed it will go ahead or not with them currently backing the proposal.

Double-decker carriages have never been an option before but Transport Secretary Justine Greening has spoken about the benefits that will come with using double carriages.

Blueprints for the double-decker trains are designed to have glass ceilings and they will be 400 metres long which will allow trains to carry more than 1,000 passengers that immediately give more space and more seats.

The new proposal for the double-decker carriages will mean less queues and passengers will enjoy their commute.

At the moment problems with overcrowding is a major issue for passengers that pay for a ticket but can’t get a seat and have to spend their journey standing in isles.

Many other countries such as France already use double-decker train carriages to tackle the problem of trains being over crowded.

The HS2 network link will also bring major cities together using rail services making it more convenient and easier for passengers to get to popular cities.

The network link has faced backlash from locals who have voiced their opinions about the new HS2 line proposed build and the disruption it may cause certain towns during construction.

The Government have had to take into account people’s views about disruption and have had to address the issues that may occur.

If the proposal is agreed the 100 mile connection will start to be built between 2016 and 2026 putting rail travel for the UK at the forefront of technology.

Transport Secretary Justine Greening is expected to make an announcement tomorrow regarding the proposal of the £32bn network link.

When the proposal was first announced we wrote an article detailing the plans for HS2 named HS2 trains set for Manchester and Leeds.

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By Amanda Bainbridge