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Gap year students 'rely on parents'

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More students are relying on their parents to help fund their gap year travelling expeditions.

Almost 50% of those aged 17 to 25 look to the "bank of mum and dad" for money if their own funds fall short during a trip, a currency company survey found.

The survey - by Moneycorp - also revealed that 9% of these travellers struck it lucky and had their whole adventure paid for by their parents.

Average trip costs were expected to range between £2,000 and £3,000, the explorers told researchers.

However, some of the travellers were not putting enough money aside before their trip, and only one in three were planning to work during their adventure.

Moneycorp's Rupert Bedell said: "Globe-trotting does not come cheap so budgeting, security and making your money work hard are key to a memorable experience."

Travellers should ensure they have adequate travel insurance before embarking on a trip.

The most popular destination for professional British citizens who volunteer to work overseas is Brazil, Projects Abroad - a UK-based organisation - recently said.

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