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Company car drivers are 'less safe'

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Drivers who use company cars travel faster and are less safe on the roads, the House of Lords has been told.

The statement was made during question time by Labour's former transport spokesman, Lord Berkeley.

The Government's transport spokesman Earl Attlee agreed with Lord Berkeley, saying that higher accident rates could be down to increased work pressures.

Lord Berkeley said: "Company car drivers tend to not only drive further but drive faster and less safely than people who own their own cars. Isn't there something the Government could look at there?"

Lord Attlee replied: "You are right. I asked my officials that precise question.

"I suspect the reason why the accident rate is higher for company cars is because company car drivers are working under increased pressure and can be tireder, which is a well-known cause of accidents on the strategic road network."

Company vehicle users could not only be risking their safety on the roads but could see their car insurance premiums suffer as a result of unsafe driving.

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