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50 years of 007: James Bond vehicles displayed in exhibition

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Original vehicles that have been used in famous James Bond films have been revealed at an exhibition to mark half a century of the release of the iconic 007 films.

The vehicles that James Bond used in every film have each been an iconic one of a kind vehicle with tricks and stunts, gadgets and gizmos, exciting the imagination and taking us all into the world of a spy. Bond films are known for their transport being sleek and desirable along with them being faster than the average vehicle.  

The exhibition named ‘Bond in motion’ is to take place tomorrow Tuesday 17th January 2012 at the National Motor Museum in Beauileu near to Hampshire and will run until December 2012. It will showcase cars, boats, motorbikes, sledges, jets, and parachutes used over the past 50 years with many enthusiasts expected to visit.

It will feature the most iconic vehicles that have appeared in famous bond films. Some stunt cars will be showcased with their dents still showing from chase scenes that took place in the films, this shows the reality of stunts that went into some of the most famous scenes from 007.

The vehicles that have been confirmed for the exhibition are from past and more recent films include the Phantom III Rolls-Royce from Gold Finger, the Lotus Esprit S1 from the Spy Who Loved Me, the Bede Acrostar Jet from Octopussy and the BMW 750il from Tomorrow Never Dies to name just a few.

Famous bond stars made an appearance at a preview of the exhibition including Britt Ekland who appeared in the Man With The Golden Gun, Eunice Gayson who appeared in the first bond film       Dr. No along with her second appearance in From Russia With Love and Colin Salmon who famously stared in three bond films Tomorrow Never Dies, The world Is Not Enough and Die Another Day were all special guests at the largest unveiling of bond vehicles in history.

Hundreds of James Bond fans are expected to visit the exhibition throughout the year as well as car enthusiasts that like to see vintage cars on display with the added star status to some of the vehicles.

The next James bond film ‘Skyfall’ is due to be released in October 2012 which will make it the 23rd film to be released, it will bring a new vehicle that will be at the forefront of the film making it the next famous car to be featured in a bond film.

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By Amanda Bainbridge