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BMW recall 235,000 Mini Cooper cars due to an electrical fault

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BMW are recalling 235,000 Mini Cooper cars due to there being an electrical fault with certain models. In the UK 30,000 people are estimated to be affected by the recall.

The recall comes after a number of complaints from motorists worldwide who drive Mini Coopers have claimed their car has unexpectedly burst into flames with no explanation. The main models that will be investigated are the Cooper S Model and the John Cooper Works Model which were built between March 2006 and January 2011.

The fault is suspected to be an electrical problem that can occur at anytime and cause the car to burst into flames when it is parked or being driven. The problem involves a computer circuit board which controls a turbocharger cooling system and if the system fails the cars water pump can start to smoulder and can lead to a fire within the engine.

Seven known cases in the UK have been reported with two under investigation by motoring watchdog VOSA. However in the USA twelve cases have been reported prompting the recall to happen before anyone else reports a similar incident.

Owners of a Mini Cooper that are affected will expect to receive a letter in the next few weeks detailing that they will have their water pump replaced at their Mini dealership. The maintenance should only take an hour and will be free of charge because it is a manufacturing fault.

A spokesperson from MINI has reassured motorists that the cars are safe to drive and there has only been a very low incidence of the fault reported saying: “The important thing is that when people receive the letter, they simply go to their dealer and get a new water pump fitted if there is a problem.”

Over the years there have been a number of different makes and models of cars that have had to be recalled because of a manufacturing problem. Mini Cooper may not be the only cars that will have to be recalled in the future, many new cars often have small problems that need to be fixed.

Mini has been one of the leading car companies for years since their first production of the iconic Mini cars in 1959. They have since changed their model each year to update the Mini look. Thousands of cars are sold worldwide and have been a firm favourite for motorists.

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By Amanda Bainbridge