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Air passengers to compare fees when booking flights

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Holidaymakers in the UK will be able to compare extra fees charged by airlines when booking a flight.

As it stands currently airlines charge different prices to each other but The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has published a summary of the optional charges all airlines use in the UK. It includes the cost of using luggage on board, taking sporting equipment, having an in flight meal and reserving specific seats.

A fee and charges comparison table will be made available by the CAA to it make it easy for passengers to compare airline fees. The table will be updated every three months if there have been any changes to the prices and it will also offer help and guidance throughout the booking process for passengers.

The table covers the top 23 airlines that are used the most by passengers in the UK, including long haul and short haul flights.

CAA chief executive Andrew Haines said: “The diversity of UK aviation offers excellent choice and value to UK consumers with airlines adopting various business models, to really benefit from that choice consumers want to know the full price picture.

“For some passengers and airlines the headline ticket price will be the most expensive part of the booking, whilst for others the impact of optional fees and charges can change their view of the best overall price.

“Our table allows passengers to easily compare the optional fees that airlines charge and it's important to consider those charges alongside the ticket price and the extra charges that could be applied before making their booking.”

The CAA are also working to make sure all airlines operating in the UK comply with its obligation to clearly display all taxes and fees during the booking process, this enables customers to know exactly what they are paying upfront.

To view the comparison table click here.

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By Amanda Bainbridge