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Government announce MOT tests to be improved

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Motorists will see an improvement on customer service in garages under new measures the Transport Secretary released this week.

An evaluation took place on existing MOT test standards to see if anything needed to be improved from the way tests are carried out to industry codes of practice.

VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) showed that 27.7% of vehicles tested in 2010-2011 had one or more defects that were missed by MOT test centres, it was also discovered that 12.4% of vehicles were being incorrectly assessed by MOT test centres.

These findings have prompted the Government to work with the industry, motoring organisations and consumer groups to focus on the standards of garages.

The changes made by the Government will retain the existing rules on MOT test frequency since the evidence shows that vehicle defects are being missed and roadworthiness mis- assessed. Changes will encourage the take up of industry codes of practice and expand them to include MOT testing so customers can find garages signed up to schemes delivering the highest standards and allow them to take action if they have not received the service they expect.

Justine Greening spoke of the changes saying: “Our garages are crucial to ensuring that Britain’s roads continue to be among the safest in the world, most are doing good work but the latest data shows that there is room for improvement.

“I want each motorist to be confident that a visit to the garage ends with their car repaired to a high standard by reputable mechanics rather than uncertainty about cost and the quality of service.”

MOT testing generates around £1.5bn per year.  Across the UK 35 million MOT tests are carried out each year with over 21,000 authorised premises situated around Britain.