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Toyota Corolla named as the bestselling car

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The Toyota Corolla has been named as the best selling vehicle of all time since it was first introduced in 1966.

Throughout the years modifications have been made to make it the state of the art car it is today with a Corolla selling every 40 seconds and clocking up sales of around 37.5 million around the world.

Due to its popularity Corollas are now manufactured across the world including Japan and Thailand. It is known for its value for money, mileage and has been a large dealer network for 40 years.

Sales of the car took off during the 1970s oil crisis as its four cylinder engine offered great mileage, a feature that continues to add to its popularity today. Its success brings to an end a 24 year run by Ford's F-series pick-up truck which, with sales of over 35 million, now moves down into second place.

Toyotas biggest achievement was the Corolla becoming a racing car in 1999 when it was entered to be driven by Carlos Sainz and Didier Ariol into the World Rally Championship, winning the manufactures title.

To add to its ever growing list of vehicles Toyota have released details of the launch of the “86” Compact Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car which was first exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011 as a production prototype. Toyota is expected to sell 1000 compact cars per month from April 6th 2012 and it is hoped to be known as a rebirth of fun cars. Specialist shops in Japan are being opened for the car enthusiasts to discuss all things Toyota.

Sales for 2012 are expected to reach 1.63 million vehicles up 6.5% from its previous prediction and 36% higher than sales from 2011, after the Government agreed last month to re-introduce subsidies for fuel-efficient cars.