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New laser speed camera equipment

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A new £12,500 laser speed camera ‘Concept II’ has been unveiled by police. Fitted with laser- speed detection that can catch motorists committing offences immediately, police hope to help reduce the amount of violations and drive more revenue towards other areas of public safety.

The camera is said to be so accurate it can detect if drivers are using a mobile phone, eating at the wheel or not wearing a seatbelt from nearly half a mile away, maximising the chance of motorists being caught.

Motorists will find it difficult to challenge an offence if they are caught by Concept II as video evidence and images will be recorded onto DVD.

Dorset police are currently testing the new device to see if it can serve its purpose, they have purchased two laser cameras costing £25,000 that will be used from current speed camera vans. The cameras storage capacity holds around 4,000 separate offences.

The investment of the cameras relates to the joint campaign that Dorset Police and local councils have launched called Dorset Road Safe; which operates a zero tolerance on driving offences.

Dorset Police are putting the speed camera to trial and if they are successful it may result in more cameras being purchased. However some critics have hit out at the new cameras saying it is a money making scheme.

It is not yet known if other police forces around the UK will also invest in the new state of the art equipment.

News of the laser speed detection cameras comes days after it was announced that speeding fines could be increased from £60 - £100 in order to help fund Victims of Crime.

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By Amanda Bainbridge