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Sustainable travel to receive £15 million of funding

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Transport Minister Norman Baker has announced today there will be £15 million pounds worth of funding available for sustainable travel projects in a hope to promote economic growth and to cut carbon emissions.

Sustainable Travel is a way of keeping damage to our environment to a minimum using other means of transport such as car sharing, travel plans for schools and reducing carbon emissions. It helps to remove the dependency of a car and betters the UK’s health as a result.

The funding is additional to the £560 million Local Sustainable Transport Fund that was announced in January 2011. The funding is focused towards cycling as a priority that will support jobs, enhance access to employment and encourage the UK to use environmentally friendly transport.

Sustrans the UK transport charity will receive £8 million for projects to enhance cycle routes across England and the remaining £7 million will go to Cycle Rail Working Group which brings together representatives of the rail industry and cycling sector.

Measures that have been discussed include safer and more convenient cycle racks, additional cycle parking with storage and better access for cyclists.

Local Transport Minister Norman Baker spoke about the funding saying: “This fund underlines the firm commitment of the Coalition Government to sustainable transport.

“If we are serious about reducing carbon, then we need to get more people walking and cycling, but we must do it in a way that boosts the economy.

“I want this fund to support projects that create growth and tackle climate change by cutting our carbon emissions.

“I look forward to seeing the projects put forward by Sustrans and the Cycle Rail Working Group and working with them to deliver transport that is greener, healthier and improves quality of life in our communities.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge