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Scoring points with family and friends

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A survey has revealed that motorists are willing to take on penalty points for a friend or family member.

It seems that motorists will go to great lengths if it means it would protect their friend or relative and take the points themselves, with 300,000 drivers admitting they have said they were driving their friend or relatives car to get the points. 

Speeding can be costly, a standard speeding fine is currently at £60 with the driver receiving 3 points on their licence which can result in a ban if the driver accumulates too many points. It is also something which must be declared when completing a quote for car insurance and can affect the overall premium cost.

Results of the survey carried out by LV Insurance showed 66% of motorists are willing to take points if it means their friend will escape being disqualified. The results also showed 59% said they would take points if it means it would protect their friend’s livelihood if they lost their licence and their job.

It also revealed 21% of drivers said they would take the points because their friend was believed to be a safe driver and 6% admitted to taking the points if they were paid to do so.

The practice of penalty point swapping has become more widespread over the years. In 2006 a survey by Ipsos Mori revealed 12 % of drivers would ask a friend or family member to take the penalty points if they were caught speeding.

Penalty swapping is a serious crime and if motorists are discovered to be breaking the law it could result in them being charged with perverting the course of justice, a prison sentence or a large fine.

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By Amanda Bainbridge