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Council challenge HS2 proposal

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Camden Council is taking legal action against the Government to stop the plans of the High Speed Rail Network going ahead.

The HS2 was given the seal of approval from the Government last month which will see the development of a Y-shaped rail network with stations in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and East Midlands carrying up to 26,000 passengers per hour at speeds of up to 250mph.

Residents in Camden are voicing their worries regarding disruption the new scheme will bring to their communities and the plans to demolish a housing estate near Euston station to make way for the route from London to Birmingham. Over 264 houses will be put at risk leaving hundreds of people without homes.

Camden Council has served a letter to the Government identifying legal flaws in the decision for the HS2 scheme to take place.

Euston station is set to be redeveloped and expanded causing problems for businesses in adjoining streets. Restaurants will also be disrupted by plans to partially demolish the historic Drummond Street which will see businesses lose trade.

The scheme has already had campaigners protesting about the change to their local communities and the problems having a High Speed Rail Network will cause. The Chiltern areas have been the main HS2 campaigners putting up posters and getting people to sign petitions around the area.  

The Department of Transport have responded to concerns over the problems the HS2 will cause saying: “Rebuilding Euston will inevitably cause significant disruption but we are committed to working closely with Camden and the GLA [Greater London Authority] with the intention of agreeing a joint strategy for the Euston area and providing new social housing to replace any that is compulsorily purchased.

“This will also include engagement with local people, businesses and community representatives.”

The new concerns will hopefully be resolved, which will make way for the HS2 project that will cut train journey times substantially and bring a new era of travel.

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By Amanda Bainbridge