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Drivers aged over 80 hits one million high

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According to the Driving Road Safety Organisation IAM figures from the DVLA have revealed there are over one million drivers who are aged 80 or over.  

The figures revealed that there are more drivers over the age of 80 than presumed, with 1,012,399 currently holding a licence. It is known drivers aged 70 or over have to renew their licence every three years to make sure they meet the requirements of being able to drive. Surprisingly the findings also showed that there are 122 people in the UK aged over 100, who hold a licence, 3 of these drivers being 105 years old.

Autonet Insurance looked into the age of policy holders that currently have insurance with them and found 266 clients aged 80 or over are covered for their car policy and 34 for their van policy. Autonet also found the oldest policy holder is aged 91.

Findings from the IAM data also showed there is a 90 year age gap between the youngest driver in the UK compared to the oldest. Assumptions will be made that drivers over 80 would be more dangerous compared to the younger generation. However, the figures show that in 2010 671 drivers aged 17-19 were seriously injured due to a car accident whereas drivers aged 80 and over had only 320 accidents.

The number of drivers aged over 75 is expected to reach 8.7 million by 2033 according to the Office of National Statistics, representing an 81.1% increase since 2008.

IAM Chief Executive Simon Best spoke about what the figures have revealed saying: “Older people need their cars which give them better mobility and access to more activities and services.

“Those who wish to continue driving beyond the age of 70 should only be prevented from doing so if there are compelling reasons, rather than seeking to prevent older people from driving, we should make them more aware of the risks they face, and offer them driving assessments to help them eliminate bad habits. Driving helps older people play a full and active part in society.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge