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Homeowners put repairs on hold

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A survey has revealed homeowners in the UK are delaying home repairs or trying to fix a problem themselves in order to save money.  

According to the AA Home Emergency Response Service, homeowners are attempting DIY jobs themselves or ignoring the repair that needs fixing. However, this could result in a higher bill in the long run.

Findings showed that in 2011, 39% of homeowners ignored a house hold repair or attempted to fix it themselves, with the on-going cost of living increasing and fuel bills getting higher, DIY jobs that need to be done around the house are put to the bottom of the list due to the expense some repairs can cost.

Around 3 million suffered problems that cost more than it would have originally if they had repaired them straight away. Also problems caused by delaying repairs resulted in a bill of £1.2 billion averaging an extra £400 per household.

The survey found that 14% of people have carried out their own DIY work in the past year and admitted they would have normally paid a tradesman to do the work for them. The results also showed that 3% had to call out a tradesman to rectify the DIY work homeowners had completed themselves.

Leaving small repairs can result in bigger issues, it is a good idea to check if you are covered by your home insurance as only 5% were covered by their insurance policy and just 19% included emergency response polices.

Tom Stringer, head of AA Home Emergency Response, said: “As the struggling economy continues to hit people in the pocket, more and more people are putting off home maintenance and are letting their homes get into a state of disrepair.

“Many homeowners seem to be mirroring the government’s drive for austerity but this can be a false economy as problems tend to get worse in the home if you leave them unresolved.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge