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Motorists urged to buckle up

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Motorists and passengers are being urged to wear a seatbelt and challenge those in their vehicles that don’t.

The UK’s largest Road Safety Charity IAM has researched into the effects that can occur from not wearing a seatbelt.

Motorists have been educated on how important it is to wear a seatbelt whether they are a driver or a passenger. Wearing a seatbelt can double the chances of surviving a serious crash and taking the chance of not doing so can cause major injuries.

Research found that overall 19% of people admitted to not wearing a seatbelt in the back seat of a vehicle and 9% of drivers admitted to not wearing one in the front. Drivers and passengers aged 17-34 were found to have the lowest seatbelt wearing rates combined with the highest accident rate.

Motorists who had three to six years driving experience admitted to not wearing a seatbelt and in particular men under the age of 30 are most likely not to buckle up in the back of a car with 17% admitting that they don’t.

There are a few things that motorists can do to ensure people wear a seatbelt, including, drivers telling passengers to wear their seatbelts before starting the journey, limiting the number of passengers in the vehicle and checking the headrest is set in the correct position will ensure everyone is secure.

If drivers or passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt by the police they will be faced with a fixed penalty fine of £60 which could increase to £500 if prosecuted.

IAM director of policy Neil Greig said: “Everyone should look after their loved ones, research shows that one in five occupants killed in crashes were not wearing seatbelts, that’s more than 300 preventable deaths a year.

“That’s why we are asking drivers and passengers to make sure everyone is buckled up, especially the young men, belt up in the front and the back.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge