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Figures reveal British motorists pay high duty and tax for fuel

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Official figures have revealed that British motorists pay the highest tax and duty costs in the EU.

Figures show that 60% of duty and tax is added to make the cost of unleaded petrol 132.9p per litre. Diesel fuel costs total 141.3p per litre with 58% of that taken by duty and tax.

Soaring tax has resulted in diesel prices in Britain becoming the most expense and the price of unleaded petrol has placed the UK as the 8th highest paying country. This has resulted in campaigners challenging the Government to take action as many drivers pay on average £100 each time they fill an average sized car.

Taking into consideration the duty and tax percentage, mid January diesel costs within the UK stood at 141.3p per litre, however without tax and duty it would cost only 59.9p per litre. Unleaded would be slightly cheaper with a cost of 52.8p per litre compared to the 132.9p per litre.

Other countries are also feeling the pressure of diesel fuel costs with Italy being the second highest country in the EU. Italy pay 53% on duty and tax resulting in 139.1p per litre. The third highest was Sweden paying 52% and diesel costing 136p per litre.

Unleaded fuel costs placed Greece and Italy as the second highest paying countries. Greece pay 59% for fuel, including tax motorists pay 141p per litre. Italy pay 59% with 141.4p per litre being charged.

The figures have been published after Chancellor George Osborne announced the Government will not be changing fuel duty costs in next month’s budget and plans for the increase in fuel costs are set to go ahead in August.

Tory MP Philip Davies, who obtained the figures, said: “Fuel duty is already too high and hard-pressed families can’t afford to pay even more.

“The Government’s debt crisis was caused by spending being too high, not taxes being too low and therefore the solution to the problem is for the Government to cut its spending – not to kick people in the teeth with higher taxes.”


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By Amanda Bainbridge