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Newly qualified drivers shun social journeys for their first drive

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A new study has revealed most newly qualified drivers choose not to take a social journey after passing their test.

For motorists passing their driving test is a great personal achievement and many can’t wait to take to the roads as an official driver.

A survey carried out by the AA asked 20,000 people where their first drive was after passing their test. The results showed that in joint first place with 18% was the ‘drive home’ or the option to drive ‘anywhere’.

After a person has passed their test it is always advised not to drive back from the test centre as the news of passing may cause the driver to lose concentration. However, 29% of people aged over 65 admitted to driving home after their test compared to 8% of 18-24 year olds. The results showed a decrease in the amount of people being allowed to drive back from their test.

The second most popular journey with 16% was ‘driving around the block’ and 15% drove themselves to work, college or school.

The research also found that 60% of new drivers stick to journeys of less than 10 miles for their first drive and 16% revealed that they completed a 100 mile trip.

Mark Peacock, head of AA Driving School, said: “It’s very surprising so many drivers said they drove home for their first trip when it is not advisable to do so because it’s hard to concentrate when you’re that excited. But, it’s good news younger drivers are less likely to do this, indicating it’s a habit new drivers are losing.

“So many drivers choose to use that first trip to get themselves to work or school highlights the practical benefits of having a driving licence. It really is an essential life skill.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge