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Think Bike Think Biker

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A new campaign called THINK! Bike THI   NK! Biker has been announced which will encourage drivers to see bikers on the roads.

The campaign has been introduced after research was carried out showing that drivers are more likely to notice motorcyclists on the roads if they know a biker themselves.

TV adverts will publicise the campaign that show bikers with flashing signs attached to their bikes. The signs show the riders name and information about them such as ‘new dad’ and ‘shy retiring type’ in a bid to make motorists aware of bikers. At the end of the advert a voiceover asks drivers to look out for bikers next time they are driving.

The adverts are a bid to reduce the number of motorcyclists in road casualty accidents which stand at 22% of deaths on British roads.

A few things can be done to make motorists aware such as looking for bikers when changing lanes, keeping a safe distance and checking for bikers when turning and at junctions.

TV advertising for the campaign is currently running until Saturday 24th March 2012. The total cost to run the campaign stands at £1.2 million and it is hoped the campaign will be seen by 92% of drivers an average of 8 times.

Road Safety Minister Mike Penning said: “As a biker myself I know how great motorcycling can be but as Road Safety Minister I know that the statistics show bikers are tragically over-represented in road casualties and I want to see this number come down.”

“The campaign I am launching aims to get drivers to think again about how they look at bikers when they’re out on the road.  I hope this will help to reduce the number of bikers killed and injured in crashes with cars.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge