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Number of motorists who tailgate increases

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According to new research there is an increase in the amount of motorists that tailgate whilst on the roads.

Road safety guidelines state that motorists should maintain a two second gap between themselves and the vehicle in front. However there is a substantial amount of motorists that don’t follow these guidelines. 

Research from Brake a road safety charity found that 53% of drivers are at risk of an accident by a tailgating incident. This amount has increased compared to seven years ago when 49% of motorists were found to be tailgating whilst driving.

The findings revealed that men are more likely to tailgate compared to women with 30% of men doing so on a weekly basis and young drivers were also shown as more likely to break the two second rule. A slight difference occurred with the amount of times tailgating happened on motorways with 30% of young drivers admitting to tailgating, compared to 21% of older drivers.

Figures from the research have been released as the Government are currently making decisions on whether an increase to the speeding limits on UK motorways should go ahead. It is currently being considered to raise the speed limit from 70mph to 80mph. If the new limit is agreed and motorists continue to tailgate accidents are likely to increase dramatically.

Motorists are being urged to stop tailgating and to keep a safe distance as drivers are less able to stop in time in an emergency if they are travelling at a high speed. If the roads are wet, they are advised to double the two second gap to four seconds to help prevent accidents.

Julie Townsend, Brake deputy chief executive, spoke about the research that was carried out saying: “Drivers who don’t keep their distance increase the risk of pile-ups, which can and do result in multiple and violent deaths and injuries, and devastation for the families involved.

“We urge all drivers to realise the vital importance of the two second rule, and make a personal commitment to always stick to it.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge