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Road maintenance budget cut

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It has been revealed taxpayers and motorists could pay more if planned cuts on road maintenance spending is given the go ahead.

Councils were given £3bn for road maintenance between 2011 and 2015, however according to a Spending Review the Government have announced Department of Transport spending will be 15% lower by 2014-15. Councils are expected to save on road maintenance but it is not clear how this will be done.

Reducing the UK’s road maintenance budget will cause problems for motorists. The big freeze in 2010 left a lot of the UK with potholes and problems with road surfaces. This can potentially cause vehicle problems and cost the owner a lot of money if damage has been caused as a result of road reapirs not being carried out.

The Public Account Committee has estimated that motorists would spend more money on repairs when cuts to budgets take effect. People who already own vehicles are paying for tax, car insurance and fuel. Extra repair bills as a result of the roads not being maintained properly by councils will be an unwelcomed extra cost.

Committee members are hitting back on the subject of cutting road maintenance funds stating the short term plans to save money will not be beneficial to anyone in the long term.

Edmund King, president of motoring body the AA, told the BBC: “As drivers are paying billions of pounds in various motoring taxes, they expect to be able to drive on main roads bereft of potholes.”

“The last thing we want is a vicious circle where the declining state of roads leads to more claims for compensation due to damage and injury, which in turn means less spending on roads.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge