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Households cut back but energy bills rise by 23%

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National figures have revealed that households are cutting back on energy consumption yet bills are continuing to rise.  

The average consumption of gas and electricity fell by 11.3% between 2001 & 2011 as a result of homeowners being extra cautious on how much energy is used in their household’s daily.

However, despite the reduced use, family bills have risen by 23.5%. Throughout the UK gas and electric bills rose from £28.8 billion to £35.6 billion.

The increased cost over the last couple of years has resulted in homeowners trying other ways to lower their usage even during the winter months.          

Experts have predicted the situation with rising energy costs will only get worse accompanied by green taxes. By 2016 energy bills will rise by 60% and by 2020 it is estimated they will rise to 70% as a result of coal-fired power stations being taken out of service due to pollution.

Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at spoke about the recent increase in energy bills saying: “In the last six years the average household energy bill has rocketed from £660 to £1,252 a year – a £592 or 90per cent increase.

“This is an astonishing hike that has put households under a lot of pressure. As a result, consumers have been trying to cut back or ration their energy use.

“In fact, this last winter alone, more than eight in ten households cut down or rationed their energy use because of cost.

“Consumers now have to understand that the only way energy bills are going is up and energy efficiency as one of the key ways to protect ourselves from these higher costs.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge