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DIY jobs at the top of everyone’s list this Easter weekend

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The Easter bank holiday weekend is coming up with many homeowners planning to do their DIY jobs but are risking hefty bills for ignoring important exterior problems.

Many homeowners focus on what is happening inside their properties instead of looking at potential problems on the exterior which could result in a costly bill.

A new survey carried out by Aviva has revealed that 18% of people are preparing to work on their homes this upcoming weekend including painting and wallpapering. However the survey highlighted that many homeowners are ignoring bigger problems such as replacing roof tiles, guttering and fixing defective chimney stacks resulting in a unwanted higher bill if the problem is ignored.

Homeowners are paying attention to possible problems that can occur in their homes with 44% checking the bathroom sealant around their bath and shower at least once and month and 88% admitted to checking their home for dry rot.

Bigger problems that are ignored could lead to damp problems which could cost up to £1,000 and broken roof tiles could cost £5,000. 15% of people revealed they check these type of repairs on a monthly basis, however 21% admitting to never having checked their properties.

Heather Smith, director of home insurance at Aviva, said: “Our research shows that our homes really are our castles and we are taking a great deal of care to make sure there are no unexpected problems lurking in the nooks and crannies of bathrooms, bedrooms and lofts.

 “The good news is there are lots of simple and easy ways to keep homes in check and the more people keep on top of little jobs around their home the less chance there is of something more serious going wrong in the long-term.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge