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Easter traffic begins for the UK today

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Today is expected to be one of the busiest days so far this year on UK roads as many people are travelling away for their Easter break.

The Easter bank holiday weekend is the time when the UK public takes advantage of the long weekend. The most popular destinations which will be causing traffic jams will be people visiting distant relatives or friends, visiting a theme park, going to a national park or visiting others places of interest.

A recent survey revealed that 54% of people are likely to drive over the Easter weekend. 22% have already planned to drive to a destination and 32% were unsure if they would travel, but if they did they would use their vehicle.

The good news is most road works will be suspended for the weekend to minimise disruption and the busiest parts of the day are expected to be the afternoon and evening.  Motorways in general such as the M6, M1, M55 and London areas are estimated to be the busiest throughout the weekend.

Airlines and railways are also expected to be busier than usual with many passengers being faced with possible delays due to the volume of people wanting to travel. Possible air strikes in other countries will also be causing disruption.

The results also highlighted that people are beginning to stay in the UK instead of travelling abroad with 93% saying they would be staying in the UK, 1% will be going abroad and 4% will be going abroad by other means of transport.

Due to the recent petrol crisis that has happened recently it is estimated that many people will decide to take shorter trips compared to long distance in a bid to save petrol.

The advice given out to people travelling by road is to check their vehicle before travelling making sure oil and water is topped up and to give themselves plenty of time to get to the destination.

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By Amanda Bainbridge