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Motorists skip maintenance checks due to rising fuel costs

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A survey has revealed that motorists are cutting back on essential servicing and maintenance because of the rising cost of fuel. 

According to the AA 11% of drivers have cut back on car servicing and 69% are using their car less or reducing spending in other areas. The result of the findings is due to high fuel prices which in turn is affecting consumer spending.

This is ultimately leading to a higher increase in breakdowns including a 12% increase in tyre failures since 2009 and a 20% rise in the number of call outs to drivers who have run out of fuel.

The amount fuel currently costs leads to drivers leaving it until the last minute when they have to fill up with some being caught out which can prove to be costly if they do not have any breakdown cover.

The long term effects of neglecting a vehicle can lead to worn out brake pads, damaged engines, overdue service indicators and fuel problems. This could leave the owner of the vehicle with a much more expensive bill compared to how much it would have been to have it serviced.

Motoring groups are calling upon motorists to not cut back on serving or maintenance checks in a bid to save money and to the Government to lower fuel costs.

Motorists themselves can also make regular weekly checks which will ensure their car is in full working order.

Keith Miller, AA patrol of the year commented: “Although we’re all feeling the pain of high pump prices, cutting back on servicing could cost you more in the long term. Not having a full service record is likely to affect your car’s resale value and you’re also potentially storing up bigger and more expensive problems down the line.

“You not only risk your safety by having a breakdown or accident but if your car isn’t roadworthy, you may not be fully covered by your insurance either.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge