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Deal rejected by fuel tanker drivers

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A potential fuel strike could be on the horizon again after union representatives for fuel tanker drivers rejected a deal which could stop any industrial action.

Last month it was at the forefront of the news that the UK could be faced with no fuel during the Easter weekend. Tanker drivers threatened to strike over terms of their contract including pensions and health and safety. This strike resulted in many people panic buying fuel leaving filling stations empty. The strike never took place and ongoing talks have been happening since to prevent any action taking place.

The deal has now been rejected by 60 representatives and the union now have until Friday afternoon to confirm what kind of action they will be taking. To minimise the disruption of a strike a week’s notice must be given so preparations can be made to ensure the UK still has a supply of fuel. They could call a strike which would last for an hour causing no disruption to the supply of fuel.

Unite who represent around 1,200 tanker drivers who are involved in the potential strike will now begin talks with employees.

The public are being urged not to panic buy fuel to avoid being in the same situation as last month which caused chaotic scenes in most filling stations across the UK.

Unite assistant general secretary, Diana Holland, commented: “We remain committed to achieving a negotiated settlement that brings stability and security to a vital industry, and gives this workforce - and the public - confidence that the race to the bottom in this vital industry is ending.

“For too long operators have presided over under-cutting and the erosion of standards, this is simply not sustainable, and it is beholden on all parties to work together to establish a meaningful set of minimum standards that brings order to a chaotic industry.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge