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Drivers are urged to concentrate more on the roads

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A poll has revealed that drivers need to concentrate more whilst driving on major roads to minimise the amount of accidents that happens in the UK each year.

IAM road safety organisation found that 58% of drivers were cut-up by another driver who didn’t look properly with 40% of these happening in a 30 mph zone. The incidents are commonly known as SMIDSY (sorry mate I didn’t see you) which is often said by the person who has caused the accident. Even the smallest of accidents could have an impact on a person’s car insurance premium.

Motorcyclists and cyclists are also often forgotten about when it comes to road safety as they can sometimes be overlooked or be in a driver blind spot. 83% of people asked in the poll said that the amount of incidents would decrease if drivers increased their awareness of motorcyclists. 52% also admitted they had a near miss with cyclists.

Drivers are being urged to keep an eye out for motorcyclists and cyclists whilst on the roads and give them extra space. Using mirrors at all times to see if anyone is approaching is also recommended, give clear signals to other drivers on the road, don’t cut-up a cyclists when turning giving them time to make their turn first and allow them to get through heavy traffic first. 

IAM Chief Executive Simon Best spoke about the results from the poll saying: “SMIDSY moments are happening far too often, and very few people are prepared to take responsibility for their part in them. It’s always someone else’s fault. All road users need to be more aware of who they are sharing the road with, and the risks they present.

“Other road users’ intentions can often be guessed by their body language and position on the road, so drive defensively, and leave room so that if somebody does do something unexpected, you have time to deal with it.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge