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International whiplash conference

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The Lyons Davidson International Whiplash Conference took place last week to discuss ways of tackling the issue of whiplash claims.

The number of whiplash claims continues to increase each year resulting in compensation being paid out to the people who claim including passengers.

Some of the worlds leading experts on the topic of whiplash attended the conference including Head of Insurers at Thatcham Research Centre, Matthew Avery who believes that engineering is the key factor to reduce the amount of claims that are reported.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) aims to prevent and mitigate accidents. A wide range of ADAS systems are already providing motorists with an additional level of safety. However the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) is essential in preventing whiplash claims.

An AEB system uses sensors to detect imminent frontal collisions; the system applies the brakes if the driver has not responded. If a vehicle is fitted with an AEB system it could automatically lower their insurance premiums

A study which ran for a year used the AEB system and found this reduced the number of personal injury and accident damage claims by 25%. Other studies have also taken place which revealed similar results.

Vehicle experts at Thatcham believe that AEB technology is a fundamental way of reducing accidents and ultimately whiplash claims. Initiatives are being worked on by insurers and manufacturers to make sure this goes ahead.

Matthew Avery Head of Research at Thatcham commented: “The effectiveness of AEB systems as primary vehicle safety technologies in preventing accidents from occurring in the first place is the key to reducing both personal injury and accident damage claims.

“As we see more and more manufacturers beginning to offer effective crash prevention systems on a range of mainstream, volume selling vehicles, we should begin to see a reduction in claims, which can only be good news for insurers and motorists.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge