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Highway Code goes digital

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Highway Code goes digital

The Department of Transport have announced they will be marking the Highway Codes 81st birthday by launching its very own app.

Since it was launched in 1931 the Highway Code has changed over the years, for example the use of mirrors whilst driving was never mentioned even though it is a fundamental manoeuvre that affects the pass mark on a driving test today. The Highway Code has been known to be in booklet form, but now that will change for anyone that has a smartphone. The app is expected to be available on other devices in the future which will make it accessible for people who don’t own a smartphone.

The app will allow road users to keep up to date with the latest changes to the Highway Code to ensure they are abiding to the rules that are set. It is hoped the app will allow it to move with the times and be more accessible for people. It will also offer a more intuitive and interactive format.

Features of the app include quizzes to test people who are studying the Highway Code, a stopping distance calculator, a tool to help identify road signs and a search option to search for a certain subject the user wants to read.

Transport Secretary Justine Greening commented on the Highway Code app: “With more and more of us using smartphones and other devices it’s vital that products like the Highway Code adapt to be as accessible as possible.

“The app makes it easier for everyone to keep their knowledge up to date and is a great example of how new technology can help to improve road safety.

“The Highway Code has been helping to save lives for more than 80 years and, with innovations like this, I am confident it will do so for many more to come.”

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