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Drivers cut journeys to save fuel

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Motorists have revealed in a recent poll they are making fewer journeys as the cost of fuel continues to increase.

Over the last twelve months fuel costs have been increasing constantly with many people choosing other ways of getting around such as using public transport, cycling or walking in a bid to save money.

A poll by the Post Office Car Insurance found 46 per cent of the 2,414 motorists asked revealed they are not venturing out as often as they used to when fuel costs were more reasonable. 31 per cent said they have cut back on the amount they spend on fuel and 27 per cent are driving more slowly to conserve fuel.

For many the cost of fuel is a top concern, the second was the cost of running a car throughout the year and the third was the cost of rising insurance premiums.

Another survey carried out by Green Flag showed a quarter of 18-34 year olds have been driving on fuel tanks that are practically empty recently and 13 per cent of drivers admitted they worried about running out of fuel whilst driving. 4 per cent admitted they had run out of petrol over the last twelve months.

Motorists are reported to spend on average £27.20 a week on fuel. The highest spend was in Northern Ireland with people spending £32.78 a week and the lowest was Yorkshire and Humberside with £24.56.

Gerry Barrett, Head of Insurance at Post office, commented: “For many drivers, their car is their lifeline and many people rely on their car every day.

“With approximately 405 trips made by every driver each year and with the cost of fuel jumping 52 per cent in the last five years, it is not surprising that motorists are becoming increasingly worried about rising fuel prices and the general cost of running their car.”

Ian Donaldson Managing Director of Autonet Insurance commented: “The cost of fuel is increasing on a daily basis, which means many consumers have no other choice than to cut back on their driving or find alternative means of transport.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge