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Research reveals what motorists do whilst driving alone

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New research by the AA has revealed what motorists tend to get up to whilst driving alone compared to how they usually drive with passengers.

Many motorists seem to be inclined to drive differently when they are alone compared to if they had one or two passengers with them. The research has shown exactly what motorists get up to if they are alone for a long period of time, with some surprising results.

23% of motorists said they get lost in their own thoughts when driving. Singing also made the list with 60% of 18-24years olds admitting they do this and top of the list was listening to the radio or a CD with 89%. The report also showed a difference in regions, there were more car singers in Scotland and the East Midlands compared to any other region.

 It was also revealed that 31% of drivers get road rage after getting annoyed at other drivers making mistakes. Road rage occurred mostly in London and Northern Ireland.

However one of the most dangerous activities that featured in the survey was talking on a mobile phone whilst driving with 6% saying that they do this. Even though the percentage is low for this answer motorists are still being urged to think twice when using a mobile phone when they are driving as not only are they not concentrating fully they can receive penalty points and a fine if spotted by the police.

Edmund King, AA president, commented on the results: “Bearing in mind the time we spend in our cars and in congestion, it is no surprise that drivers get up to other things behind the wheel.

“It can be a positive thing to be engaged as long as our extra curricular activities, such as learning a language, singing or praying, don’t interfere with driving.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge