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Civil engineers call on water measures for the UK

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The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) have spoken about the UK’s water supply saying it is at a critical point and action needs to be taken quickly.

ICE make it their aim to put measures into place such as constructions of new reservoirs and educating households on the best way to save water. It is hoped that it will bring a stop to the drought affecting the UK at the moment.   

A recent report by ICE has revealed that the recent droughts have been a wakeup call for the UK and water supply is at level four on a 1-10 scale. ICE has called on a ‘UK Water Security Taskforce’ which will provide a way of securing water by spring 2014 with the help from the Government.

As part of the plan several changes would have to go ahead such as the development of water storage throughout the UK, the removal of regulatory barriers which discourages water sharing, tariffs and water metering.

Currently households pay £1 per day for unlimited water which is a costly process to make available. Using extra water for washing cars and watering gardens will make it unsustainable and ICE are calling on a 30% water reduction for homes. 

Chair of the ICE Water Panel Michael Norton commented: “We are a populous nation facing a growing gap between what we can supply and what our water users need.

“Sadly it’s only when hose-pipe bans are inflicted on us that the public has any glimpse of this reality, we have a valuable opportunity while water is in the forefront of the nation’s minds to impress on the public the real value of this resource and we mustn’t squander it.

“The changes ICE is recommending will require some upheaval to current regulations as well as firm decisions on how to forecast future demand, but once done we would see the effect relatively quickly.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge